We first heard this song on a recording by Catalan singer Rosa Zaragoza that Susan found in Flory Jagoda’s home. Karen Sarhon, of the Istanbul-based Sephardic ensemble Los Pasharos Sephardies, says that it originated in Sephardic communities of Turkey. The song is somewhat unusual in that it presents a male point of view as Sephardic songs tend to be in a female voice, only natural since the songs were typically made, sung, and transmitted by women. Sadly, only one verse is extant. Susan, vocals; Tina, Renaissance violin; Howard, guitar; Brian Kay, udu.

Kuando veyo hija ermoza When I see a beautiful girl,
Ayi, me vo yo 4X Alas, I go there!
Kun las paras With money,
Sin las paras Without money…
Ah si me dan si no me dan Whether she accepts me or not,
Yo la voy a tomar. I will take it.
From the singing of Rosa Zaragoza
From the singing of Rosa Zaragoza