Modern Turkish Rose Oil Product

There is no doubt that this song comes from Turkey, since some of the lyrics are Turkish. While Ladino is basically a Spanish/Portuguese dialect that linguists describe as having distinct similarities to 16th century Spanish, it is not unusual to find words from other languages mixed in. Often that language is Hebrew, but here we have the Turkish “gul pembe,” (Pink Rose) and “Ne bu guzellik pembe,” (What kind of beauty is this that you have!). The song appears in Levy’s Book 1, which is the only volume of four that does not include the songs’ origins. There are excellent recordings of this song by Isaac Asoze, whose parents emigrated from Turkey in the early 20th century and settled in Seattle, a major destination for Turkish Sephardic immigrants; and by Los Pasharos Sephardies, the Istanbul-based Sephardic ensemble.

Susan, vocals; Tina, Renaissance violin; Howard, lute; Brian, frame drum.

Por la tu puerta yo pasi While passing by in front of your door
Te vide asentada I saw you sitting;
La yave dura ya bezi I would kiss the big lock (on your door)
Komo bezar las tus kara. Like kissing a beloved’s cheek
Aman aman gül pembe Oh my… my, Pink Rose,
Gül pembe Pink Rose,
Ne bu güzellik sende (2x) What kind of a beauty is this you have? (2x)
No te nieges ke te bezi Don’t ever deny that I kissed you,
Te tengo i abrasado You have been mine,so full of kisses and embraces,
Komo el dukado en el sarraf As if you were a golden coin of a moneychanger
Te tengo kullaeando. I gilded you so slowly.
Aman aman… Oh my…my, Pink Rose
No te nieges ke te bezi Your eyes are jet black,
Te tengo i abrasado I’m dying in their all blue;
Komo el dukado en el sarraf If I see a little greenish hue in them
Te tengo kullaeando. I would dig a pit and then buried myself in them.
Aman, aman… Oh my…my, Pink Rose