This delightful song is almost certainly Turkish in origin, although songs and other cultural traditions, as well as commerce, were shared with Jewish communities in the Balkans, so it’s always a bit risky to make definitive statements about where a particular song originated. Susan learned this song when she was a member of Colors of the Flame, a trio that included Flory’s daughter, Lori Jagoda Lowell, and the late Betsy Carey. We have used the Colors’ arrangement as a base for our version. Among the many recorded versions, the one by Los Pasharos Sephardies is a favorite.

Susan, Tina, Howard, and Gina, vocals; Brian and Howard, shakers.

Tres klavinas en un tiesto Three carnations in a bowl,
Una blanka y una ros One white, one pink,
La d’en medio kolorada And in the middle a bright red,
Empesijo del amor. The birth of love.
Aman Minnush, kusun Minnush Ah, Minnush, my Minnush.
No me veyas amariyo Don’t you see how bitter I am.
Mis karas eran kunjas My cheeks had been like roses.
El amor y la tikiya Love and sorrow
Me truxeron a este hal Brought me this mischief.
Aman Minnush… Ah, Minnush…
A los siyelos vo subir I want to go to heaven,
A las siyete tabakás To the seventh heaven.
Flecha d’oro vo echar I will throw golden arrows
Onde kaye mi mazal. Thither where my fortune is.
Aman Minnush… Ah, Minnush…