• “Trio Sefardi gave lovely and luminous performances of [Sephardic] songs. . .” “Gaeta’s [voice is] compelling.”
    Ann Midgette, Washington Post
  • “Trio Sefardi was a delightful collaborator in our Iberian Mystics production at the Kennedy Center. Their set of Sephardic songs was beautifully prepared and performed. And they were an exceptionally responsive and responsible partner.”
    Joe Horowitz, Executive Director, PostClassical Ensemble
    Angel Gil-Ordonez, Music Director, PostClassical Ensemble
  • “Master musicians who play the beautiful repertoire of Sephardic music with intelligence and sensitivity.”
    Thea Austen, producer of Hill Center concerts (DC)
  • “One of the highlights of our season.”
    Parker Jane, producer of Hill Center concerts (DC)
  • “Their spiritual teacher, Flory Jagoda, has passed the songs along in the old way, by singing and telling the stories from the home across the sea, to these American musicians. They are exquisitely talented musical descendants of her loving legacy, and their interpretations do each remembered soul justice.”
    Roberta Gasbarre, Stage Director, Washington Reve
  • “Your performance to a large and enthusiastic audience was moving, lyrical, and memorable. I loved the variety of instruments and types of music, evoking the world of the Sephardim. Your mix of songs Flory taught you and your own work was beautifully inspiring.”
    Carol Lite, Washington Folk Festival Program Committee
  • “I would recommend Trio Sefardi for any concert or music festival. I would invite any combination of Trio Sefardi to play on the World Stage in the future, and would seek them out to listen to them if they play other festivals that I attend.”
    Roger Strouse, Takoma Park Folk Festival
  • “Your music and stories filled our hearts with joy, laughter, and longing. Your personal warmth and love for the music came through so palpably; the audience was deeply moved and inspired.”
    Shira Lander, Director, Religious Studies Department, Southern Methodist University
  • “I first met Howard Bass when he visited Seattle on tour with Flory Jagoda, who gave us a beautiful concert of Ladino music.  Howard and Trio Sefardi have been producing their own Ladino music, and have done a marvelous job in their efforts to make sure that they produce Ladino music that is authentic. Trio Sefardi is well worth listening to.”
    Hazzan (Cantor) Isaac Azose
  • “I found the combination of your group’s stunningly beautiful Sephardic music, living music, with the film featuring Flory Jagoda and her complex history, told with such intelligence and insight, both original and deeply moving. It offered us a range of experiences, including a sense of audience participation. I hope that you and the other musicians and all who made this possible will be able to continue to present this work in exactly this same way.”
    Myra Sklarew
  • “It gives me the greatest pleasure to hear Trio Sefardi play the music that I taught them and to know that the cherished musical culture and traditions of the Bosnian Sephardim will continue to thrill listeners well into the future. Trio Sefardi’s beautiful harmonies and skilled accompaniment movingly translates the joy and soul of the lost world I remember so well. Along with my own family, I am proud to call them my musical heirs.” Flory Jagoda
  • “I first heard Trio Sefardi at a Greek Jewish Festival and fell in love with their rousing, joyous sound. I immediately signed them on to perform at the great International Ladino Day Celebration at the Center for Jewish History in New York City.  Bravo to these superb musicians and their celebration of life! ” Jane Mushabac, author of the award-winning Sephardic novel, His Hundred Years, A Tale

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