Susan, vocals, guitar;
Tina, violin;
Howard, guitar

Source: The Flory Jagoda Songbook


Mordecai manda i dize,
Aloz djidyos ke se avize:
En Adar katordze i kinze
Ke es diya de Purim

Biva yo, biva el Re,
Bivan todos Israel.
Biva la Rena Ester,
Ke mos dyo tanto plazer.

Il Aman mamzer segundo
Asitenga negro mundo;
Kijo echar djidyos al fundo,
En los diyas de Purim.

Yama todos los chikitikos
Bolsas yenas de bombonikos
Ke si merkan los djugetikos
Kon los denaros de Purim

Kon la asukri i la farina
Ya moz viene la madrina
Para fazer la halva fina
Para l’diya de Purim


Mordecai proclaims,
“All Jews take heed:
The 14th and 15th of Adar
Are the days of Purim.”

Long life to me, long live the King.
Long life to all of Israel.
Long live Queen Esther,
Who gave us so much pleasure.

Haman was a wicked devil,
May he be cursed!
He wanted to destroy the Jews
In the days of Purim.

Call all the little ones;
The bags are full of candy;
They should buy little toys
With their Purim money.

With sugar and flour
Godmother is coming
To make fine halvah
For the days of Purim.


Another song we learned from Flory, with her joyous setting of traditional lyrics about the spring holiday that celebrates the role of Queen Ester and the downfall of Haman, King Ahasueros’s wicked minister.