Susan, vocals;
Tina, bass viol;
Howard, lute;
Steve, lap tambourine.

Sources: Chants Sephardis, The Nico Castel Ladino Songbook


Skalerica de oro,
De oro y de marfíl,
Para ke suva la novia
A dar kidushim.

Venimoz a ver,
Venimoz a ver;
Y gozen y logren
Y tengan mucho bien.

La novya no tiyene dinero,
Kemos tengan un mazal bueno.

La novya no tieyne kontado,
La novia no tieyne dinero,
Kemos tengan un mazal alto.


A little stairway of gold,
Of gold and ivory;
The bride will ascend the stairway
To take her wedding vows.

We will come to see,
We will come to see.
May they have joy and prosperity
And many good things.

The bride has no dowry;
May she have good fortune.

The bride has no riches,
The bride has no dowry;
May she have the best of luck.


Wedding and courtship songs are plentiful in Sefardic tradition, and “Scalerica de oro” is typical: the bride may not have money, but everyone comes to the celebration bringing wishes for a happy future. Like many Sefardic songs, this one mixes in some Hebrew with Ladino: mazal (luck) and kidushim (blessings).