Here is another song with many variants that share the same opening line but have unrelated melodies and somewhat different lyrics. All the versions are similar in that a mother is speaking to her heart-broken daughter, begging her not to do anything rash in spite of her despair. Although the lyrics are tragic, the song lends itself to a quick, dance-like tempo.
Susan, vocals; Tina, Renaissance violin; Howard, guitar; Brian, riq, frame drum.

Hija miya mi kerida, aman, aman, My daughter dearest, oh, oh,
No te eches a la mar, Don’t throw yourself into the sea,
Ke la mar ‘sta en fortuna, For the sea is tempestuous,
Mira ke te va yevar. She could take you away.
Ke me yeve i ke me traiga, aman, aman, Let her carry and take me away, oh, oh,
Siyete funtas de ondor, To the deepest sea bottom,
Ke m’engluta peshe preto, So that the black fish devours me,
Para salvar del amor. To save me from love.