Image from International Ladino Day poster.

In January 2018 the trio was invited to perform at an International Ladino Day program at the Center for Jewish History in New York City by Jane Mushabac, a New York-based author of Turkish Sephardic descent. Writing under the pen-name of Shalach Manot, her book, His Hundred Years, A Tale (Boulder, Albion-Andalus, 2016), tells the story of her father’s early life in Turkey and his immigration to America. The book employs quotes from this song, and Jane asked us to learn it for the program. Little did we know at that moment how much we would come to love it, with its plangent melody and heart-breaking story of a young woman abandoned by the father of her child: “Who will love me now?”

Susan, vocals; Tina, viola da gamba; Howard, guitar.



Yo me akordo d’akeya noche I remember that night
Kuando la luna se esklaresyo When the moon tricked me;
Tu prekurates kere amarme You said you’d love me forever;
Tu m’abandonates pur otra mujer. Now you’ve abandoned me for another woman.
Chorus Chorus
Ken me va kerer a mi? Who is going to love me?
Ken me va kerer a mi? Who is going to love me?
Saviyendo ke yo te kero Knowing that I love you,
Ke yo me, muero d’amor por ti. Your love is the death of me.
Un fijo tengo muy bien lo saben I have a son, as you well know,
Ken la miséria lo fui fazer Who came from that misery;
D’estonses fui yo dezgrasyada I was so disgraced
Asta mi mama m’abandono. Even my mother abandoned me.
Chorus Chorus
Manyana la noche a la mar salada Tomorrow night I’ll leave for the sea;
Yo kon mi fijo me voy a ir I’m going with my son,
Para echar todos mis picados To throw away my sins
Porke yo se me vo morir. Because I know I’m going to die.
Chorus Chorus
Ven manyana por la manzana Come tomorrow morning;
Ven manyana amor mi amor Come tomorrow my love, my love;
Ven manzana por la manzana Come tomorrow morning;
Ven si me puedes dezir odio. Come if you can, to tell me farewell.
(Translation, Jane Mushabac)