Susan, vocals;
Tina, bass viol;
Steve, brushes.

Source: Chants Judeo Espangols


Una noche al borde de la mar
Cuando yo ‘mpec’i amar
Una niña con ojos pretos
Sin poderlo declarar.

Sos criatura
No hay mançura.
Vate en otros braços
Con bezos y con abraços
Tú mi querida,
Sincera mía.


One night by the seaside,
When I began to love
A girl with dark eyes,
I was unable to declare myself.

You are but a child,
Not yet mature.
Go on to other arms
With kisses and caresses;
You are my beloved,
Truly mine.


This song from Sofia, Bulgaria, also secular in nature, we have given a tango feel. Tango rhythms became very popular in Europe in the 1930s, and the Sephardic population would have heard it on radio and in clubs.