Flory Jagoda  from Jewish Mothers

Flory Jagoda

“It gives me the greatest pleasure to hear Trio Sefardi play the music that I taught them and to know that the cherished musical culture and traditions of the Bosnian Sephardim will continue to thrill listeners well into the future.

Trio Sefardi’s beautiful harmonies and skilled accompaniment movingly translates the joy and soul of the lost world I remember so well. Along with my own family, I am proud to call them my musical heirs.”

I can’t think of a better time to listen to Trio Sefardi: you’ll feel as if you’ve traveled across oceans and back through time. Between these three dynamic and versatile musicians, a living musical tradition, alive with heartbreak and hope, is being carried into the future.

–Marjorie Sandor, author of The Secret Music at Tordesillas; Professor of English and Creative Writing emerita, Oregon State University 

The concert by Trio Sefardi was a wonderful addition to our Sonoma State Jewish Music Series and delighted the entire audience. The repertoire was wonderfully organized, with insightful details about the text and cultural and musical history of the Sephardic Jews. The connection of Trio Sefardi with the legendary Flory Jagoda is so palpable, that the group can be seen as the heir apparent to her legacy because they have worked closely with Flory and are carrying on a musical aesthetic that has defined its own genre. The pieces they performed were delicately arranged, featuring in turn the fascinating viola da gamba, Renaissance violin, Pontic lyra, rebec and lute, framing the beautiful voices of all members of the ensemble, with Susan Gaeta leading as soloist. The audience was enchanted!

Joshua Horowitz, Co-curator, Sonoma State University Jewish Music Series

“… the performance was lovely and engaging, as well as educational. The music was beautiful and timeless, and it introduced me to folk songs and instruments I would never have known had I not attended this concert. Any music fan can benefit from hearing this ancient yet living tradition.

For a Jewish music fan like myself, there’s a deep emotional connection to experiencing the beauty that my people have created, past and present. Ashkenazi Jews, the Jews of northern Europe, predominate in the United States, and many of us know shockingly little about the Sephardim. Their world is exotic and strange to us. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to connect with an aspect of my heritage.

You too can be transported to another place with the beautiful music of Trio Sefardi by catching their next show…”

Mark Engelson, Park Life DC

“Not only did Trio Sefardi share music, history, and culture from the Sefardic world but they brought their own special Ruach and Koach, spirit and strength. With music from Flory Jagoda and other sources, they enhanced our worship, offered lively concerts and shared with the youngest members of our community. Each member of the Trio brought a different facet of energy and insight to the whole experience. They did not just perform, they connected and shared, weaving the life and culture of the Sephardim into our community.”

Rabbi Michael Birnholz, Temple Beth Shalom, Vero Beach, Florida

“Trio Sefardi brought us tears and laughter and abundant delight. We loved the music, and we loved the easy familiarity and masterly musicianship that you shared with us. We shall celebrate your concert here as one of the most enjoyable events we have hosted! Our door is open anytime you want to come back – just ask! – and we shall look for reasons to invite you. Thanks again for your beautiful and heartfelt performance of this living music that so vividly reflects life in a disappearing world.”

Stream Ohrstrom, CircleOne Concerts 

“Trio Sefardi was a delightful collaborator in our Iberian Mystics production at the Kennedy Center. Their set of Sephardic songs was beautifully prepared and performed. And they were an exceptionally responsive and responsible partner.”

Joe Horowitz, Executive Director, PostClassical Ensemble
Angel Gil-Ordonez, Music Director, PostClassical Ensemble

“Your music and stories filled our hearts with joy, laughter, and longing. Your personal warmth and love for the music came through so palpably; the audience was deeply moved and inspired.”

Shira Lander, Director, Religious Studies Department, Southern Methodist University

“Their spiritual teacher, Flory Jagoda, has passed the songs along in the old way, by singing and telling the stories from the home across the sea, to these American musicians. They are exquisitely talented musical descendants of her loving legacy, and their interpretations do each remembered soul justice.”

Roberta Gasbarre, Stage Director, Washington Revels

“I first met Howard Bass when he visited Seattle on tour with Flory Jagoda, who gave us a beautiful concert of Ladino music.  Howard and Trio Sefardi have been producing their own Ladino music, and have done a marvelous job in their efforts to make sure that they produce Ladino music that is authentic. Trio Sefardi is well worth listening to.”

Hazzan (Cantor) Isaac Azose

“I found the combination of your group’s stunningly beautiful Sephardic music, living music, with the film featuring Flory Jagoda and her complex history, told with such intelligence and insight, both original and deeply moving. It offered us a range of experiences, including a sense of audience participation. I hope that you and the other musicians and all who made this possible will be able to continue to present this work in exactly this same way.”

Myra Sklarew

“I enjoyed hearing you and am still thinking of you.
Your music then and now is so meaningful to me.”

Jack Boul, distinguished Washington, D.C. artist
(creator of the featured image on this page)
Painting Courtesy Jack Boul