We draw from the rich heritage of Turkish, Balkan (especially Greece and the former Yugoslavia), Middle Eastern, and North African traditions to create programs that demonstrate the range and depth of Sephardic song. Our programs typically include some songs we learned from our teacher and mentor, Flory Jagoda, the Bosnian-born singer, composer, and National Heritage Fellow, with whom we were privileged to work and perform over many years.

All songs are sung in Ladino, except for a few from Flory’s repertoire that are in the language of Bosnia (formerly known as Serbo-Croatian). While Sephardic music is by nature a singing tradition, much of it made, maintained, and passed along by women, we have always varied our programs with instrumentals featuring bowed and plucked strings and percussion. To highlight the variety of our musical offerings we use instruments from three different traditions; modern guitars; early music instruments such as medieval rebec and renaissance lute, violin and viola da gamba; and ethnic dumbek, riq and Pontic lyra.

The trio has performed in many different settings, from large concert halls, outdoor festivals, synagogues, colleges and museums to small house concerts. We are happy to work with program sponsors to choose repertoire that works best for their audiences and venues.

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