WORKSHOP: Flory’s Flame: One Woman’s Story of Survival, Immigration, Resilience through Music

Audience: Middle and High School Students

Program goal

This program has been created to help middle and high school students witness a remarkable story of a Jewish woman’s struggle to flee her homeland as the Nazi’s threatened her life and the life of her family. This is a story of resilience, courage, culture, and music. Our hope is that students can better understand:

  • The far-reaching personal impact of the Nazi influence before and during WWII.
  • The bounty of goodness in humanity in the face of evil and destruction.
  • Music’s capacity to enable people to endure hardship and triumph in spite of it.
  • The ability that one person has to make enduring contributions to a cause.

Program details

After an opening discussion of 15-year-old Flory’s background and life in Zagreb at the time the story starts (1942), the Trio presents the central 15 minutes of its multi-media program that focuses on her solo escape from Zagreb. She avoided being arrested for having false papers by playing her accordion in the train compartment for the 5 hours of the trip to Split. The trio plays a song Flory wrote about that experience 50 years later. We also discuss her life as an immigrant and how teaching accordion kept her and her family alive.

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