Mi Vino tan Kerido


Mi vino tan kerido
Dime de ke vina sos venido.
Tan hermosa es tu color,
Mas i mas es tu sabor.

I las copas sean anchas
Ke las hinchan las muchachas;
Las muchachas muy hermozas
Siempre sean venturozas.



O my cherished wine,
Tell me from what vine you come;
Pretty is your color,
And, little by little, your taste.

The large glasses are filled
For the young girls,
And the pretty young girls
Are always adventurous!


We based our arrangement of this song on one that can be found on YouTube, performed in a short video about the pre-exile Jewish community in the Spanish town of Toledo, performed by Voces de Sefarad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srFNjCh2GRc (song begins at 2:34)

Source: Levy, Chants Judeo-Espagnols (see #3 above)