Tanto te amo, Raguza amada
De montes verdes, arodeada
Tanto te admiro, el ke te vido
Raguza adiyo, lugar kerido

Nunka te ulvido

Doz altas paredes te mantearon
Kuanto puelvo, por ti pelearon
Povero d’akel ke no te vido
Raguza adiyo, lugar kerido


How I love you, beloved Raguza
Surrounded by green mountains
Who ever saw you, admired you
Goodbye, Raguza, my dear city

I will never forget you

Hugged by two tall walls
So many nations fought for you
Pity on the one who never saw you
Goodbye, Raguza, my dear city



Dubrovnik | credit touropia.com

Ragusa is the Ladino name for Dubrovnik, Croatia. This beautiful walled city on the Adriatic Sea attracted Spanish Jews fleeing Spain in 1492 and subsequent expulsions from Portugal and southern Italy. Fewer than 1000 Jews lived in Dubrovnik at the beginning of WWII, and today the population is less than 100. Flory Jagoda set the poetry of Jewish poet Bunchi Papo to music, and her son, Elliot, gave it the lilting rhythm that we employ. Colors of the Flame, a vocal trio, whose members were Lori Jagoda Lowell (Flory’s daughter), Betsy Cary, and our own Susan Gaeta, created this arrangement. This song is not published to the best of my knowledge.

Credits:  Poem, Bunchi Papo, Music F. Jagoda, Arr. Colors of the Flame/ Elliot Jagoda