Yo t’Admiro (Jack Mayesh)


Yo t’admiro i te amo kun mucha pasyon
I te kero para siempre, i de korason

Tu no kale me desdenyes
Mi amor tu kale ke lo denies
Porque te amo sinseramente
I de ti espero igualmente.

Tus miradas enflamantes, me azen sufrir
I si sufro no te enkantes, ya kero i murir;
si a ti no te alkanso
De bevir yo estare muy kanso porke tu sos lo ke lo dezeo,
I por ti me muero, me peleo.

No t’olvides ke djurates, ke me vas amar

I ke un dia me dezates, enfrente le mar.
Ahora tute retiras,
I helas a mi mas no me miras.

I no keres mizmo ke te ‘skriva;

No kon ningumos ke me atriva.

Kambia, kambia tus ideas, i vente kon mi

Las entrigas I peleas, yo o las kavzi

Ven kun mi biviremos
Por la vida, mos aunuaremos.
I nunka sientas a la djente
Desha ke se enselan de enfrente.


I admire you and I love you with passion,
And I will love you always, and from my heart.
You shouldn’t scorn me;
You should condescend to my love
Because I love you sincerely,
And I hope for the same from you equally.

Your burning looks make me suffer,
And if I suffer, don’t be astonished;
I want to die if I don’t reach you.
I will be very tired of living because you are what I desire,
And for you I would die, I would fight with myself.

Don’t forget that you swore you would love me,
And that one day you kissed me in front of the sea.
Now you are withdrawing,
And (alas) don’t look at me any longer;
And you don’t even want me to write to you,
And I should not be so rash with anyone.

Change, change your mind (ideas) and come with me.
The intrigues and fights—I didn’t cause them.
Come live with me,
For life let’s join together,
And never listen to the people,
Let them become jealous across the way.


Jack Mayesh | credit? http://www.sephardicmusic.org/

Jack Mayesh | credit? http://www.sephardicmusic.org/

Here is another song from the repertoire of Ike Azose, composed by Jack Mayesh, who recorded it in 1941 on his own record label. Jack Mayesh (1899 – 1969) was born in Kusadasi, Turkey, then part of the Ottoman Empire. Kusadasi is on Turkey’s Aegean coast about 60 miles south of Izmir. Mayesh immigrated to New York, married Flora Salmoni, from Rhodes, in 1924, and then moved with his family to Los Angeles. There he established a flower business that still exists, though his family no longer owns it, and he also served as cantor at the three principal Sephardic synagogues in the L.A. area. Like Flory Jagoda, Mayesh composed original melodies and lyrics, set existing lyrics to new melodies, and set new lyrics to Greek and Turkish melodies. He made nine recordings for Mayesh Phonograph Records in the early 1940s and also recorded three albums for the Me-Re label in New York in 1948.

This song is not published, but to hear Jack Mayesh sing a verse and for further information about this fascinating person, visit: www.sephardicmusic.org