Durme, durme, mi angeliko


Susan, vocals;
Howard, lute

Source: Chants Sephardis


Durme, durme, mi angeliko,
Hijiko chico de tu nación,
Criyatura de Zion,
No konoces el dolor.

Por ke nombre, a me demandas,
Por ke no canto yo;
A cortaron las miz alas,
Y mi voz amudicio
A el mundo de dolor.


Sleep, sleep, my little angel,
Little child of the people,
Creature of Zion.
Who does not know pain.

You ask,
Why don’t I sing?
My wings were cut
and my voice died away.
Ah, what a world of pain.


Tanja Solnik recorded this haunting lullaby, and Howard learned it from her. The origin is not known, but it seems to have a fairly modern character, and is most likely from the Balkans.