Madre miya si mi muero


Susan, vocals, guitar;
Tina, bass viol, backup vocals; Howard, guitar

Source: Flory Jagoda Songbook


Madre miya, si mi muero
Hazanim no kero yo,
Si non doze mansevikos
Adelantre l’mi aron;
Halva sheker ola.

Madre miya, si mi muero,
Ke me yevan davagar,
Ke veyan ke so muchachika;
Ke se metan a yorar.


Mother, if I die,
I don’t want any Cantors,
But instead, twelve young men
Walking before my coffin;
Halvah and sugar.

Mother, if I die,
Let them carry me around
So they’ll see I’m a young girl,
Then they will cry.


Yet another setting of traditional lyrics by Flory Jagoda, this is the story of a heartbroken young girl who asks that, should she die, 12 strong young men will carry her casket so they can see what they missed by not courting her. Halva is sesame candy, and sheker is Turkish for sugar.