Xinanáy, Xinanáy


Susan, vocals;
Tina, violin;
Howard, lute;
Steve, tombak

Source: Chants Judeo Espagnols


Xinanáy, Xinanáy,
Xinanáy, Xinanáy.
Xinanáy comió bimbrillo;
S’esperó’n medio del río,
Esperó que venga’l tío
Que le dé con el martillo.
Xinanáy, Xinanáy,
Ta ra ra ra ra

Xinanáy comió galeta;
S’esperó’n la camareta,
Esperó que venga l’Anetta
Que le dé con la galecha. (galocha?)


Xinanáy, Xinanáy,
Xinanáy, Xinanáy.
Xinanay ate some quince;
He waited in the middle of the river,
Waiting for his uncle to come
To hit him with a hammer.
Xinanáy, Xinanáy,
Ta ra ra ra ra

Xinanay ate a cookie;
He waited in the bedroom,
Hoping Annette would come
To hit her with a (wooden shoe).


This song, with its driving pulse and somewhat incomprehensible and menacing lyrics, comes from Sophia, Bulgaria. We have been unable to determine the meaning of the word “galecha,” but it may be a misprint for “galocha,” which means “wooden shoe.”