Susan, vocals;
Tina, bass viol;
Howard, lute

Source: Words, Trad.; melody, arr. F. Jagoda

Yo hanino, tu hanina; I am handsome, you are beautiful;
Moz tomaremos los doz; Let us take our hands in marriage;
Loz ijikos ke moz nasen Children will be born to us
Komo la luna i el sol; Like the moon and the sun;
Aman . . . komo la luna i el sol. Aman … like the moon and the sun.
Muchas grasyas, manseviko, Many thanks, young man,
Ke mandates koredor; For giving me this opportunity;
Muchas liras me demandas; But you ask for too many liras;
Non mi acheta mi sinyor; My father is not accepting it;
Aman … non mi acheta mi sinyor. Aman … my father is not accepting it.